Epic Strategy Goes To Space In Star Dynasties, Coming To PC In 2021

Epic Strategy Goes To Space In Star Dynasties, Coming To PC In 2021
Credit: Iceberg Interactive via YouTube

Space strategy games are certainly nothing new, but the developers at Pawley Games are looking to take the genre in a new direction. Their upcoming game Star Dynasties is taking a classic approach to empire management, but adding a unique twist that will help the game stand out among its peers. And so far, it’s a very intriguing concept.

Star Dynasties is set during a time when mankind has been forced to live among the stars. After humans had finally began to explore the galaxy, the Earth was destroyed, leaving humanity stranded in the vastness of space. Centuries have gone by, and while colonies have managed to survive, they exist in a new Dark Age. Think feudal systems in space, and you’ve got the idea, with wealthy politicians leading lowly serfs.

You take on the role of the head of a family, and it’s up to you to help your faction survive while keeping your dynasty alive and prosperous. The game is heavily focused on the political aspects of controlling an empire, so in order to help your faction grow, you’ll need to carefully build a network of political allies, who may or may not try to stab you in the back. Political intrigue and subterfuge, keeping your vassals in line, and maintaining order in the galaxy are all part of the job. It’s basically Game of Thrones, but, you know–in space.

However, the real interesting part is the way the game progresses. Each playthrough will be entirely unique, as events, personalities, and the narrative of the game are procedurally generated. As you navigate politics, you’ll also need to deal with personal issues among your family and their relationships. Every decision you make matters, and seeing the consequences of your actions play out is one of the biggest aspects of the game.

Of course, you’re not just controlling one leader; you’re basically controlling the entire family. Again, this is all about your dynasty, so you’ll get the chance to guide multiple generations of the same bloodline as you continue to expand your empire, or just try to survive. If you’ve ever played Crusader Kings, it’s very similar.

Star Dynasties is shaping up to be a unique entry into the sci-fi strategy genre. The game is still a bit early on in development, with the release of the game planned for “early 2021.” As of right now, it is only set for release on PC.