Crazy Driving Game Taxi Chaos Launches On Consoles February 23

Crazy Driving Game Taxi Chaos Launches On Consoles February 23
Credit: Taxi Chaos Website

Team6 Games Studios, Lion Castle, and GS2 Games have announced the release date of their upcoming game Taxi Chaos. The game will launch on consoles in late February and have both a digital and physical release.

Taxi Chaos is a modern take on classic taxi games. Drivers can earn higher fares by successfully picking up and dropping passengers at the right location. Players have to quickly drive around the city to pick up a variety of passengers before time runs out.

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The game contains two drivers. Vinnie wears a bright red shirt with suspenders and sunglasses on his head. Cleo wears a pair of bright pink headphones and is seen chewing pink bubblegum.

Players can choose from various taxis as well. As the game progresses, players will unlock more vehicles. They include a muscle car, super-fast exotic super car, or drifting in a Japanese tuner. The more successful players are at their job, the more vehicles they will unlock.

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The city was inspired by New York, which may include familiar locations. Players will have to learn the city’s shortcuts, drift around corners, leap through traffic, or even bash a few cars to get passengers to their destinations on time.

The passengers range from hipsters, a reporter, a plumber, plumbers, rock stars, or even aliens. There are no ride-sharing apps in the game, so players don’t have to worry about poor ratings.

Along with the release date announcement was a brief trailer that shows in-game footage straight from the game. According to the gameplay, there are no limits on where drivers can travel. There is only a brief scene of a driver on the road, but they quickly launch up a steep street onto the roof of a building and then through a park filled with trees.

Players will likely have to drive around various obstacles. Driving through a park means that players have the risk of driving straight into a treat. While this may cause minimal damage to the animated car, it may delay the arrival of the passenger to their destination.

Getting to the location as fast as possible is the primary objective in the game, so players have to pick up the driving mechanics quickly.

The game will only launch on consoles at this time. No PC release was announced in the trailer or on the official website.

The comparison to Crazy Taxi is almost unavoidable but is unrelated to the classic game. The only relation is that the title is being published by Sega in Japan and Asia.

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Taxi Chaos launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on February 23.