Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Add A New Update: The Rise Of Skywalker, This December

Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Add A New Update: The Rise Of Skywalker, This December
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

According to the Community Manager, Ben Walke’s confirmation on Twitter, it sees December will be a month to remember for the game, with fresh content based on Star Wars: The Rise for Skywalker used as the headline. Not only, that with the movie sequel just around the corner, but fans are also hopeful and excited about a lot of things this coming December.

Although currently there are no details known yet regarding what will be the content in Battlefront’s 2 Rise of Skywalker update, there’s a guarantee of the feature maps or real characters from the movie. (More like Death Stranding). The Rise of Skywalker hits the screens on December 20, so everyone should be ready when the time comes; still, no spoilers have been shown yet.

Also, multiple updates will be coming this December. One of which will be the previously planned November update and another would follow shortly in the same month.

Ben Walke stated that EA had not removed any content, but they’re just shifting dates, nothing to worry about! However, he never stated a reason for the delay of the November update. To round it up, another EA Star Wars game is set to launch on the 15 of this month, title: Jedi Fallen Order, so this gives a compelling reason why Battlefront II update was shifted till December, and it gives the one for November more room to operate.

Even with the November update for Battlefront II was delayed, EA still supports the title with bonuses and new limited-events. For example, a new mode called ‘Fast Spawn’ would be coming in blasts from November 8-11 along with Strike playlists and still will be giving out double XP from November 15-18 to celebrate the launch of Jedi Fallen Order. To crown it all, the double XP will be offered every Wednesday in November, like how it’s shown below:

EA has long supported Battlefront II since its official release in November 2017 with tons of fresh content released in the form of mode, maps, new heroes, and many more. So fans can expect nothing less from EA, knowing how the 2015 Battlefront and the sequel combined to sell over 33 million copies, putting them among some of the most popular titles of all time.

Finally, Star Wars Battlefront II is available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The release date starts on December 20! Those who can’t wait for the December update can also prep for this month’s Jedi: Fallen Order and all its bonuses. Until then, Happy Gaming!