Update: Sony Will Permanently Discontinue Trophy Pass For All Sony Reward Members On November 7

Update: Sony Will Permanently Discontinue Trophy Pass For All Sony Reward Members On November 7
Credit: PlayStation

Sony started a particular PlayStation Rewards program some years ago, where players could leverage on the points in their unlocked trophies through the Trophy Pass. Depending on the level of the trophies— silver, gold, and platinum— players could easily use the points earned to trade with PlayStation Network credits. Well, sad to say those rewards are now obsolete.

However, Sony did stop the Trophy Pass last year; this meant the players had not been able to earn any points whatsoever, though people who signed up before the discontinuation were given a year’s grace by Sony to continue earning profits. Well, unfortunately, the last deadline will be reached a few hours from now on November 7. Hence, everyone should be informed that the Trophy Pass Program will be permanently discontinued as of tomorrow, November 7, depending on when this news update is being read.


Their terms and conditions depict why they discontinued the service. On that note, Sony rewards members will not be able to access their Trophy Pass after October 29, 2019. For those, who unlocked a Trophy Pass before October 29, 2018, may continue earning points through the program until November 7 at which the program will discontinue.

The rewards program was a fantastic incentive for players to continue putting in hours of gameplay so they can become trophy hunters. The program helped many players fund their minor gaming experiences. For instance, players who unlocked ten platinum trophies was solid enough to earn a $10 gift card, or to extend the PlayStation Plus subscription service; players had to unlock over a dozen gold trophies.

Sony didn’t clearly explain why they made that decision. Coincidentally, the discontinuation has taken place when the next-generation consoles are almost here. Though Sony mentioned, they would be a pass experience similar to the Trophy pass that will replace the Trophy Pass program. The company probably has some Easter eggs for the long-awaiting PlayStation 5 and all other next-generation related services.

Looking back at PlayStation 4, its new Successor PlayStation 5 will launch during the holiday periods of 2020. Still, Sony hasn’t revealed the exact price, which has brought analysts to suggest a price tag between $450 and $550. Anything more than this could be disturbing for gamers waiting patiently for its eventual release.

$400 is the sweet spot, but it all balls down to what Sony wants the price tag and if they are willing to take a slash of the price so they can penetrate the market. Keep checking for the latest news, until then Happy Gaming!