Minecraft Snapshot 21w05a Adds A Whole Bunch Of New Atmospheric Plant Life To The Game

Minecraft Snapshot 21w05a Adds A Whole Bunch Of New Atmospheric Plant Life To The Game
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Snapshot 21w05a is the newest Java update for Minecraft and it includes lots of new plant life. This is a pretty significant update that includes azalea bushes, cave vines, and new berries, and lots more!

Snapshots are small updates that are released every month or so for Minecraft and only available on Java. All these small updates are building up to the summer 2021 Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, the next huge update for the game on all platforms.

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The Caves and Cliffs update is going to change the face of Minecraft by introducing new plant life, lighting, and new biomes, both above ground and in the deepest and darkest caves.

All the new plants really add to the atmosphere of the game, such as the cave vines and glow berries in the caverns, and the brand new azalea bushes which you’ll find dotted around above ground.

Cave vines grow down from the ceiling just like weeping vines and once fully grown they have a chance to spawn glow berries. These are new light sources for caves. Oh, and foxes eat the berries!

Another new plant is the dripleaf. This needs moisture to grow – it’s sort of in the name – so it will only grow on clay or underwater. There are two forms of dripleaf – small and big.

Big dripleaf acts as a platform. If you stand on it for too long, you will slip off and fall down. This is a great way to build some fun new parkour courses. The Wandering Trader will sometimes sell a small dripleaf plant.

Moss blocks and moss carpets are also new ways to decorate your home and to find naturally spawning in the wild. Lastly, the spore blossom is a huge flower that spawns/can be placed on ceilings, with particles that drip from it.

Other changes in Minecraft snapshot 21w50a include the introduction of a new loot drop for Drowners – copper ingots. This means you can have a reusable source of copper with a Drowner farm. Drowners will no longer drop gold ingots.

A few small changes have been made to powder snow, such as flaming arrows being extinguished if they come into contact with the snow, and Skeletons will now convert to Strays if frozen.

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You can also push powder snow around with pistons and sticky pistons, and foxes can walk over powder snow without falling in! Sounds just right.