Among Us’ Developer Explains Why Updates Are Taking So Long For The Break-Out Multiplayer Of 2020

Among Us’ Developer Explains Why Updates Are Taking So Long For The Break-Out Multiplayer Of 2020
Credit: Innersloth via YouTube

Probably one of the most surprising games of 2020 — at least from a multiplayer standpoint — was Among Us. It has been out since 2018, but when it started gaining traction on Twitch last year, the game went on to achieve impressive numbers and a ton of attention in such a short period of time.

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As we enter 2021, it’s still one of the most popular multiplayer experiences you can find on the marketplace. It doesn’t cost that much so the barrier to entry from a price standpoint isn’t that hard to get over. Those that have made the jump have thoroughly enjoyed the simple yet fun experiences, which sees crew members onboard a ship with an imposter hiding in plain sight.

It’s an incredible take on Invasion of the Body Snatchers or even The Thing by John Carpenter. The game still has plenty of room for improvement too despite it being out for a couple of years now.

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Updates haven’t been that frequent as of late, which isn’t that surprisingly because Among Us received more attention than the developer InnerSloth probably was prepared for. They even acknowledged the surprising success the game has had as of late in a recent developer update.

They are a small team of three so needless to so, they have been forced into some pretty daunting schedules and have since restructured things. Now, they have a larger workforce that can give Among Us the attention it deserves and some updates that continue to build upon a pretty successful and well received gameplay recipe.

The game already has a lot of great elements. Moving about the ship wondering who is the true imposter is filled with tension, and being able to collaborate with a team to point out the foreign crew member is where this game really shines.

Then you have being the imposter, which is delightfully entertaining. You have to pretend to be just an average crew member and then when the time is right, strike while you can. It’s a fun game of cat and mouse that is going to get even better with time now that the developer can put more time and effort into future updates.

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The developer is currently working on the Airship map, but there are all kinds of other goodies planned for new and returning players. The developer also has plans of putting out a roadmap so that fans can follow along this game’s progression and development a little bit easier.