Among Us Developers Are Teasing A Brand New Map

Among Us Developers Are Teasing A Brand New Map
Credit: among us

Developer Innersloth has given fans a new peek at a new map that will be coming to Among Us. This map seems to have the look of a boat based on the initial cockpit. It has wooden floors, displays, and is bright and clean unlike the past map fans have been exploring.

It is unclear what players will be able to do with the rest of the ship. It may be that only the cockpit is clean and put together, but even then fans are unsure. There is always something shifty about information from the developers, but that may be just paranoia left over from the last round as an imposter.

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Many fans believe that the map is a direct reference to The Henry Stickmin Collection which is another game by the developers. For more information, fans are going to have to watch The Game Awards on Dec 10 where the developers seem to be planning to reveal more additions to the game.

Rumors that Among Us was going to have a sequel have been circulating. Due to the popularity of the first game, the idea was scrapped, and instead, Innersloth is rerouting all those efforts to improving the original. This does make it a more fulfilling experience, but that does not make the developers less suspicious.

From the initial map, fans can clearly see a vent in the middle of the room. This is for the imposter to travel, and beside it is a wifi box which could be a download or wiring active it of some sort. It is unknown exactly what challenges might be spread across the ship, but a new map would be welcomed by the game’s community.

Among Us gained intense popularity shortly after its initial release. Fans were quickly going to streams, memes, and content creation networks to share their unique experience with this imposter based experience.

Still, the game has its own problems. From players abusing the report button to game-ending spontaneously, the developers have a lot to repair before moving forward.

Despite this, the update has been well received. From cosmetics and extra colors, players love customizing their strange spaceman and crafting a unique experience of their own with custom lobbies.

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This game may be here to stay for a while, but many believe its a passing trend. Flappy Bird, Five Nights at Freddie’s, and many other titles have gained mobile acclaim only to be shrugged off several months later.

Among Us is available on PC and Mobile devices.