Plague Inc Is Bringing A New Game Mode To The Classic Title Where You Must Stop A Pandemic

Plague Inc Is Bringing A New Game Mode To The Classic Title Where You Must Stop A Pandemic
Credit: Steam

Ndemic Creations have found themselves somehow stuck between politicians and nations with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, in a bizarre turn of events that saw the pandemic quickly becoming a tantamount concern for many nation leaders barring select individuals.  Ndemic saw their title Plague Inc being removed entirely from China as they banned the title that, interestingly, invited players to spread a virus around the world and end humanity.  They received a vague reference from China’s Cyberspace Administration Office stating that Plague Inc had ‘illegal content’, and quickly ceased all content with the creators.

Simultaneously, Ndemic Creations has reportedly been working in tandem with the World Health Organization to help run simulations on how best to stop the spread of the rampaging virus.

It’s always a shame when stuffy suits with meager street-smarts and silver-spooned educations attempt to dictate and control mediums that they have zero understanding of, yet there’s far too often little room for response and dialogue.

This may all change soon, in regards to everything outside of China, as Ndemic Creations is adding a new game mode to the classic title, at the behest of WHO and CEPI.  In this game mode, players will be tasked with stopping a pandemic before it successfully wraps its tendrils around the globe.  In much the same way that Plague Inc was initially developed with input from immunologists, Ndemic Creations are working with Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network and WHO in the development of the new game mode.

Ndemic Creations have been rather verbal in support of various organizations attempting to fight the spread of COVID-19, seemingly pinned by their decision to make an interesting new title that pitted players against the world.  It’s a seemingly bizarre position to be forced into when you look at it further.

If an evil mastermind turns a bunch of animals into monsters and threatens the world, would we be looking at SEGA to take responsibility for creating the idea of Doctor Robotnik? Do we look at Valve accusingly every time a terrorist organization detonates a bomb somewhere on the planet?

Regardless, Ndemic Creations has taken their newfound mantle with equal measures of pride and poise, making a multitude of donations to various services to help cover their operating cost.  While it’s difficult to argue that they were somewhat forced into the position of outlandish responsibility, it’s also difficult to argue that it could have gone to a better company.