The Prequel To The Original Half-Life Game, Half-Life: Alyx Will Drop This Week, Starts To Make Big Waves

The Prequel To The Original Half-Life Game, Half-Life: Alyx Will Drop This Week, Starts To Make Big Waves
Credit: Valve via YouTube

The very first Half-Life game came out way back in the early 2000s, and the critically-acclaimed Half-Life 2 came back all the way in 2007. Ever since then, people have been clamoring for a new game, and the developers all the way over at Valve Entertainment promised a brand new Half-Life 3 would quickly be coming down the pipes to satiate the appetites of these crazy old gamers. But the bad news is that no game ever came. Thirteen years ended up passing by, and well, here we are.

Enter the latest addition to the series, Half-Life: Alyx. Is it Half-Life 3? Well, no, of course not. But it is something, and we can all promise you that something is much, much better than nothing. Isn’t it? So here is what you can expect from this little doll of a game. The beauty of it lies in the fact that this thing is the prequel to Half-Life, and it is going to tell you all of the little details you need to know. Keep reading to find out more.

This Half-Life series is based on first-person shooter dynamic with one serious goal in mind: Make a game that is all about the shooting but also has some seriously fun storylines involved in there too. The question is this: Was this intention actually and truthfully successful?

Well, you bet your butt it was! This type of game is what inspired people to go out there and get into first-person shooters in the first place. Well, great job on that front, Valve! But there are still a lot of questions to remain. For example, will Alyx be as powerful as the other games in the series? There is a lot of hype to live up to here, and all o the doubts abound.

For one thing, we all know Valve’s lead developer, Gabe Newell, has lost his mind. He has a collection of over 300 knives or something, and it is a true wonder to look at. But we can’t possibly be sure if Mr. Newell has lost his mind in a good way or the bad way. In recent years, he has been the butt of many jokes of disgruntled mega fans dissatisfied by the lack of Half-Life 3.

But, all in all, Half-Life Alyx is actually a pretty good and wild game. It is officially dropping today for Microsoft Windows PC. You can find it on Steam. So be sure to get out there and check out this bad boy. It might just be the best dang first-person shooter you have ever had the chance to play.