This Is The Totally Insane Reason That Valve Had To Give Up On Making Half-Life 3 So Many Times

This Is The Totally Insane Reason That Valve Had To Give Up On Making Half-Life 3 So Many Times
Credit: Valve via YouTube

There is some pretty good news out there shaking up the universe for Half-Life fans: The latest game in the series, known to everyone as Half-Life: Alyx, is coming out today. That is pretty big for a whole variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that the Half-Life series has been on hold for a very long time. We all know it at heart. We have been waiting for years (maybe even decades?) at this point. That’s absolutely wild!

But today, we finally got a taste of the thing we have been craving for so very long. There is just one question remaining, however, what took these guys so long? There is a lot of time and energy out there, and we all know they could have produced a Half-Life 3 anytime they wanted. So there must be a pretty powerful reason out there for why they did not deliver the goods when we all needed them to do so. Well, gamers, keep on reading below to find out the answer to this very important question.

The last Half-Life game came out over 10 years ago in 2007. Can you imagine that? We are talking about 13 years of waiting for this one game, and there is nothing that can explain this. But allow the developers the chance to try. You might just end up finding yourself surprised by it all. We are talking about some truly incredible reasons here, folks.

So the biggest reason to cite here is that it all boils down to creative differences. The simple fact of the matter is that the guys in the studio were getting a bit tired, and you know what happens when people get sleepy, right? So the big old sleepy boys decided that they couldn’t find the same sense of wonder and interest in a third episode.

In fact, the developers and creative director claim that they sat down several times to try to figure it out. And that throughout the last thirteen years, there have been various attempts that they felt like were going to be the next Half-Life 3. But those projects just didn’t mature into what they needed it to be.

Can you imagine that? Just stop and imagine being a big old sleepy boy with a nice cush job working at Valve, and you’re sitting there getting paid to sit at a desk to come up with story ideas but you just cannot think of anything with enough wonder and beauty or whatever to finish the game. That’s just insanely ludicrous.