Nier Creator Is Coming Out With Global Release Of RPG Game SINoALICE For iOS And Android This Summer

Nier Creator Is Coming Out With Global Release Of RPG Game SINoALICE For iOS And Android This Summer
Credit: NieR via Steam

One of the things you quickly learn as a gamer is that the games that are released in Japan do not come out in America until many months have passed. Sometimes, in fact, they don’t even come out at all. That’s the reality we all have to live with, and it is something that bugs most of us to death. (Just let us have our games, you guys!) But there is some good news out there, one of the greatest mobile games of all time will be making an appearance in the United States in the coming months.

That game is known as SINoALICE, and it is created and developed by the legendary creator of the game Nier, Yoko Taro. This bad boy has been out in Japan since 2017, which is absolutely incredible and it just such a long time to wait for one super-powered role-playing game. This game has all of the open-world juiciness the role-playing game fans have come to expect from these kinds of games, and it really will whet that appetite. Keep reading to find out more.

First off, this one might not be a game for the kiddies. This is all about mythical creatures and fairy tale characters becoming strange monsters. We are talking about Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood. We are talking about Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs. Now that’s crazy.

So in order to advance in the game, you need to go around just chopping and cutting and gaining those levels to become a true bona fide monster slayer. Good luck!

One thing everyone loved about Nier is a really in-depth storyline. If there is one thing we can all come to expect from the preeminent powerhouse known as “Yoko Taro,” it is that we can all expect this game to slap. And by it slaps, I mean it is going to absolutely rock. There are going to be all kinds of twists and turns that are sure to keep you strapped to the front of your seat.

Another great part of the game is the level of customization. All characters are customizable, and you can basically do whatever you want with every single one of them. That is a whole lot of great news. So be sure to enjoy it if you end up getting your paws on it.

SINoALICE will have its global release sometime in June. That’s this summer for those of you who don’t know your seasons. Expect it to drop for both iOS and Android. Happy hunting.