Control Is Getting An Important Update On March 26 That’s Bringing New Features

Control Is Getting An Important Update On March 26 That’s Bringing New Features
Credit: BAFTA via YouTube

A standout game of 2019 was without a doubt Remedy Entertainment’s Control. This action-adventure game hits all of the right notes in the atmosphere and mystery departments. You get to take on the role of Jesse Faden, who’s just been promoted to director of the Federal Bureau of Control. It’s an agency tasked with investigating and controlling paranormal events.

The game gets a lot of things right and it has only gotten better since it first released. It’s about to get even better thanks to an upcoming update, which is targeted for a March 26 release and is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Games Store. It’s coming with the first ever expansion, titled The Foundation. According to developer notes, some noteworthy features are being added to the mix.

For starters, players will now have the ability to use the Shield Rush ability. If you’re wondering what it entails, you don’t have to remain in suspense. The move was just featured via Control’s official Twitter page. It shows Jesse using her telekinetic powers to grab rubble, use it as a temporary shield, and then push it forward with a lot of force at an enemy up ahead. It looks like a pretty versatile maneuver that you’ll want to use when surrounded or looking for a quick attack that does a ton of damage.

That’s not all. This March 26 update also is bringing improved map readability. That’s huge news because ever since this game released, it has been quite difficult seeing where you’re going in the Oldest House. It’s a maze of endless rooms and corridors after all, and trying to make heads or tails of which direction you’re supposed to go in is practically impossible.

The improved map readability should make moving through the various rooms and areas much more forgiving, ultimately making Control a better experience overall. That’s especially true for those who’re perhaps playing this action-adventure game for the first time.

Lastly, Remedy will be allowing players to reallocate skill points that Jesse earns through the game’s main story. That’s key too because when you first start playing, you’re a little hesitant committing to various attributes. Now thanks to this upcoming update, you don’t have to stress as much if you have second thoughts about where you want these skill points going.

Overall, these improvements should make Control better in a lot of important ways. It seems like the content will keep rolling on too.