Good News Gamers: There Is An Infinite Item Trick Hidden Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game

Good News Gamers: There Is An Infinite Item Trick Hidden Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game
Credit: Animal Crossing Official Website

Holy cow out there gamers! It seems like every new bit of news we are seeing in this industry is all about the great game known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is so much going on in this small game, and we are here for all of it. You can get out there and start playing as one of the big characters or the little ones, but it is highly recommended to get in here if you like to play relaxing farm simulator-style games.

There are a few things everyone needs to know before jumping in. Warning: Spoilers ahead. This game is all about paying off that crazy little raccoon who places you into debt slavery as soon as you arrive on the island. He is a landlord and a member of the bourgeoisie, and he has no qualms about suppressing his neighbors at all. So the question quickly becomes this: How does one pay back the little raccoon? Well, you can go about doing it the normal way, or you can beat the system by tapping into a glitch (also known as the preferred method).

So the first thing you are going to need to do is to get a fellow member of the working class on your side. This member will go out and be responsible for all of the things. That’s right. This is a two-player trick. Sorry to those friends with no friends.

First, call in that second player. Get them inside of your own game, and then you are going to need to go on out there and hunt down an object that you want to duplicate. Place this item on top of a cardboard box. You can also place it on some other piece of furniture as long as that furniture can hold an item on it.

Next, just have your second player, your fellow member of the proletariat, rotate the cardboard box where the item is sitting while you slam down on that Y button to pick it up at the very same time. If you do this correctly, there is going to be something amazing that will happen.

That is right, friends, you will now have a duplicate of that item. That’s because the object will stay on the cardboard box while another dublicate will pop up in your inventory. This is a great way to make some bells. Make sure you do this with Royal Crowns if you want to make a bunch of cash… I mean bells!