All Hitman 3 In-Game Locations Revealed Ahead Of January 20th Release Date

All Hitman 3 In-Game Locations Revealed Ahead Of January 20th Release Date
Credit: IO Interactive

IO Interactive released a quick look at all the upcoming locations in Hitman 3 today. This is totally spoiler-free, but does give you a good idea of the size and scope of Hitman, and how the game is taking the franchise in new and interesting directions.

From Dubai in the UAE to Dartmoor in South West England, the locations are from all around the world, and each looks beautifully rendered in the Hitman engine. This brings the Hitman trilogy to an end and also celebrates the game franchise’s 20th anniversary.

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The story opens in Dubai, on top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Set above the clouds, the first mission in Hitman 3 will allow you to experience the views first-hand, from inside (and outside) of the viewing deck on top of the Burj.

Next up, Dartmoor. You couldn’t get two locations any less like each other. The dark and gloomy Dartmoor is an area of wild heathland in South West England, an area of outstanding natural beauty, and a place riddled with history.

Hitman 3 takes you to the historic Thornbridge Manor, a building based vaguely on existing lodges and manors found dotted around the sparse landscape of Dartmoor. The setting is perfect for a murder-mystery, which is basically the second mission in Hitman 3, but with a twist.

Next up, Berlin. The capital city of Germany is well-known for its liberal attitudes, buzzing nightlife, and historical importance. From the snapshots shown by IO, you’ll be able to experience the multitudes of Berlin in mission three. Dark and gritty, beautiful and historic.

Now for something thousands of miles away: Chonqing, China. This megacity of neon-lights and street-level food markets is the perfect Hitman setting, and expect this to be the area that IO really shows off their in-game engine.

In Hitman 3’s penultimate mission, Agent 47 heads to Mendoza, in Argentina. This is one of the world’s most famous wine regions. An area of stunning natural beauty, overlooked by distant mountains, the vibrant vineyards are a classy location to explore.

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Lastly, the final mission in the Hitman trilogy takes place in the mountain ranges of Romania, the Carpathian Mountains. A natural habitat of brown bears and wolves, this is a fittingly dramatic setting for the conclusion of the story that has spanned three games.

Hitman 3 is the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy and concludes the story of Agent 47 – in this universe, at least. The game is out on January 20th.