Early Access For The Survival Game – Project Winter – Will Soon End, Ready For Launch On May 23rd 

Early Access For The Survival Game – Project Winter – Will Soon End, Ready For Launch On May 23rd 
Credit: projectwinter.co

The Early Access for Other Ocean Interactive’s online multiplayer survival game, Project Winter, was launched back on February 7th. And now, the game is ready to leave its Early Access and officially launch on May 23rd.

Project Winter brings together a group of eight players who are dropped in a vast snowy area in the wilderness. They are all given nothing except the clothes that they have as well as a log cabin for shelter. It’s a bit similar to Hinterland Studio Inc.’s, The Long Dark.

The players need to survive by braving the blood-thirsty wildlife, shielding from the dropping temperatures, repairing structures, and gathering resources.

The ultimate goal of the survivors is to escape. And for this to happen, they must work together and communicate. But it’s not that easy at all.

Surviving the wilderness is just half the battle and escaping it is altogether a different scenario.  At the beginning of the game, the system will randomly assign a role for each player.

Two of will have the roles of traitors and these two will know who the other is.

Their main task is to deceive their friends and prevent the group from escaping by any means necessary.  And the survivors must discover who these traitors are before they get stabbed in the back.

It’s a fun game which also has the same concept as the camping or party game, Mafia or Werewolf. Traitors would have to deceive their friends in this digital version.

They have to be either good at acting or at lying to make everyone trust them before they betray everyone. Traitors can spread lies and set the survivors against each other while they build their strengths.

Communication is key, and the game provides several avenues for it.  There are emotes, the text chat, a private voice chat channel, and even a proximity-based voice chat. It’s up to players to effectively utilize these tools to complete tasks and protect themselves against the traitors.

As of now, the reviews for the Early Access of the game are mixed. Most of these are complaints which are simply about the players not being enough. But hopefully, as Project Winter gets its full release, the player count will be boosted.

The game is available for purchase on Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, and Steam Store for $20. The game can be played on PC, and it also has controller support. As of now, it’s still on its Early Access state, but it will be completely ready on May 23rd.