Intel Will Be Holding Another Ask You Anything Session On Reddit To Know What People Want On Their Discrete Graphics

Intel Will Be Holding Another Ask You Anything Session On Reddit To Know What People Want On Their Discrete Graphics
Credit: Omar Cafini via Flickr (license)

AMD and Nvidia have been competing and upping their graphics card against each other for the longest time. And Intel isn’t just about going to let them compete with each other alone.

So in preparation for the faceoff of its own desktop graphics card against its competitors, Intel has some plans prepared.

This is the first time that Intel is jumping in on the action and dipping its hands into discrete graphics. And Intel wants to do it right.

News has been going around that the corporation hired and plucked several GPU talents to join their team. It seems like they want their competitors and customers to know that they’re serious about this.

But Intel just doesn’t stop there. They also want to hear from the community. And with that, they are opening its doors for a regular asking and answering questions. But instead of the popular “Ask Me Anything” session, where the community asks them stuff, Intel is flipping it around.

This time they will be doing an “Ask You Anything” session on Reddit. This means Intel will be asking for the feedback and opinions of the community. This will help them with the direction and future of their discrete graphics. They’ll have direct input of what the customers want to see on their graphics experience.

After the success of the first round of their AYA session, another one will be opened soon. And it’s scheduled to start on April 25th at 9 AM PT. Everyone is welcome to participate and join in the Odyssey Campaign on Reddit.

It is a bit unbelievable to think that their Engineers are really taking note of the community’s opinion. But it feels good that Intel is reaching out to everyone. It’s even more heartwarming that they’re building their product around people’s ideas and what they want.

It’s also a bit alarming that they’re still taking down notes for their discrete graphics and building around people’s ideas. With their goal set for 2020, they should already have a fixed and strong plan. Furthermore, to hit the timestamp, it should already be well under its development phase.

Well, with all developments, things also change even at its later phase. But hopefully, it won’t compromise the release date.

In the last session, Intel asked questions regarding the biggest challenges in managing and editing videos and photos. It’s exciting to know what topic they have in mind for the community in this upcoming session.

Hopefully, in this session of Ask You Anything, the community may also see where the corporation’s focus is currently at.