Hitman Go Is Free To Claim On Android And iOS Devices According To Developer

Hitman Go Is Free To Claim On Android And iOS Devices According To Developer
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The one true positive coming out of self-quarantine seems to be the abundance of free offerings. There are so many freebies that gamers can pick up today and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be a shortage any time soon. One of the better mobile games that’s currently being offered for free is Hitman Go by Square Enix Montreal.

The developer confirms it will be available all the way until April 23 on iOS and Android devices. That’s a couple of more days that mobile gamers have to pick up this incredible turn-based puzzle game. If you’re familiar with the Hitman series and want to experience a different take on this highly popular franchise, then Hitman Go has a lot to offer.

Hitman Go is unique in the visual department in that it’s set up much like a diorama. You’ll be tasked with taking out particular targets on a grid. To do so, you’ll have to evade enemies and use a lot of critical thinking. That’s because each target is heavily guarded.

No two scenarios are the same so you have plenty of turn-based content to enjoy in mobile form. The developer didn’t leave you ill-equipped to handle these sometimes difficult challenges, fortunately. You have a lot of resources at your disposal, which include dinguses, distractions, and high-powered weapons.

Every resource can help you out in this tactical game and that’s where the fun really shines through. You get to figure out which item gives you the upper hand on certain portions of the grid. If you don’t play your cards right, you’ll be picked off in a hurry. That just adds to the tension and really immerses you in the unique gameplay.

There are also plenty of secret passageways that you’ll have the chance to discover. They certainly give you a strategic advantage as you can evade heavily guarded areas that are hard to move around. There are different enemy types and behaviors as well, which just adds to the diversity of gameplay.

Hitman Go is a very competent mobile game that really elevates the Hitman franchise in a novel way. You’ll be captivated by the beautiful designs of each level and the strategy will force you into some tense moments. Even if you’re not a fan of turn-based games, Hitman Go is a real gem that you can add to your collection without having to fork over a penny.