EnrightBeats’ The Greater Good Arrives On The App Store On April 22

EnrightBeats’ The Greater Good Arrives On The App Store On April 22
Credit: EnrightBeats via YouTube

Electronic musician and Solo Game Developer Sam Enright, also known by EnrightBeats, has announced that the PC title The Greater Good is coming to the App Store later this month.

The game was initially released in October 2018 on PC via Steam and has had mostly positive reviews.

The Greater Good is a fast-moving, cinematic RPG featuring stylized 3D graphics and an original, explosive soundtrack. Meet hilarious friends and make not-so hilarious enemies as you traverse a fully-realized, handcrafted world. Created entirely by one person out of love for classic turn-based RPGs.” states the game’s official summary.

Players control a group of unlikely heroes as they rediscover the world’s past and fight to save it future.

The Greater Good is presented as a platformer with classic RPG elements. Although the side-scrolling view only gives players one way to see the game, there are still a variety of locations to explore, including cities and other natural landscapes.

The game tells a cinematic story with no random battles. Players jump and use platforms to avoid enemies and through dangerous areas. The easily accessible battle system is designed to welcome newcomers to the genre, plus entertain those already familiar with the battle system.

After players complete the game, there is a New Game+ mode to continue the adventure. The game has optional super bosses plus other interesting secrets to discover. The game’s store page specifically mentions a “cool wolf character” that can’t be missed.

A new trailer just for the mobile release was launched recently. The game also has a gameplay video from its initial release in case players want to know more.

The Greater Good is available now on Steam. So far, there weren’t any paid additional DLC or add-ons to continue the story. It’s likely the mobile release will continue the same route with a single purchase and no ads.

The only other additional content released for the game was a soundtrack that contains 29 original tracks. A sample of the original soundtrack was also included in each trailer.

The Greater Good has been the only game released on Steam by EnrightBeats so far.

Players can pre-order The Greater Good now. The game is a 476 MB download and only available in English.

The Greater Good launches on the App Store on April 22.