Explore A New Monopoly-Style Board Game Titled Billion Road On Nintendo Switch And PC

Explore A New Monopoly-Style Board Game Titled Billion Road On Nintendo Switch And PC
Credit: Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco invites you to go on a journey of profits. Travel to several real-life prefectures and cities throughout Japan with the goal of being the richest player in the entire game. Compete with your friends locally or online as you takeover Japan and dominate the world in this Monopoly-style digital board game.

Since the game’s launch on Steam, it has received a Positive status. The game looks like a mix between a Manga style and Monopoly, and even seems to include boss battles in the screenshots. This is sure to be an exciting and unique twist on tycoon style games.


The core goal is to travel across Japan and earn money. Earn money by landing on property squares with investment opportunities. Make sure to invest in the right businesses, then once March rolls around to receive the payoffs of your carefully placed seeds.

While you wait for your money to return, be on the lookout for monsters that will show you with riches, or destroy your plans. If monsters are not your thing, you can also land on item squares, which will either help you in your own goals or ruin your rivals’ carefully planned. Whoever ends the game with the most money wins.

This game takes brains, luck, and bravado. Dice and random events play into the mix to turn your fate, but at the end of the day, it is your investments that will make or break you. Take calculated risks and rely on the whims of the monsters if you want to become a Japanese billionaire.

The game includes over 50 monsters, over 30 items, and dozens of different effects. Push your opponents around and ruin their plans as you climb tot he top. This is a game that can change at a moment’s notice so study each monster carefully before deciding to accept their help or simply walk away.

this game can be played solo or with friends. It includes multiple modes including Tournament Mode, Skirmish Mode, and more. Whether you’re in for a long or short game, the difficulty will always be present. Discover who is the most powerful tycoon in Japan, find the hidden maps, and learn the importance of investment opportunities.

Billion Road is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game costs $39.99 for both platforms. There is a special sale happening on Steam to celebrate the game’s launch, which is offering a 20% discount until April 23.