Apex Legends Rumors Suggest The New Limited-Time Care Package Event Will Become A Permanent Addition

Apex Legends Rumors Suggest The New Limited-Time Care Package Event Will Become A Permanent Addition
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

As part of the Fight Night event currently running in Apex Legends right now, there are several care package drops that land throughout a match. They contain a variety of loot, starting with blue-attachment stacked weapons at the start of the game to full red-tier gear in the final circles.

This is a limited-time mode that doesn’t have its own standalone playlist. It’s just chucked right into ordinary Apex Legends, meaning every game features these care packages. In the past, these limited-time modes have been a method for Respawn to test future content.

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Does this mean this limited-time mode will one day be a permanent addition to the game? Some people in the community think so, mostly due to a leak from trusted Apex Legends Brazilian content creator, Winchester.

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Winchester releases all content in Portuguese, but you can still check out his YouTube channel here. The thing is, Winchester hasn’t been wrong about many things in the past. His leaks are generally pretty well-trusted by the community.

This means the Airdrop Escalation limited-time event may well be reintroduced at a later date. Hopefully, the system is reworked a little, as there are some obvious problems with it right now.

Getting your hands on a weapon off-drop is pretty fun. It causes some intense early-game fights and is a great way to pick up a few early kills if you’re running for a high kill game. It also removes some of the RNG of looting in the early game.

In mid-game, it’s also pretty great to upgrade one of your weapons with a purple-stacked gun. Take the R-301, for example. You might be running around half the game with a white extended mag, then pick up a fully-stacked gun. It’s fun.

The problem is the Red-tier drops in the final circles. A whole team can get stacked with red armor and powerful loot from one single airdrop (Krabers, Prowlers, PKs, etc), and this does come down to RNG. Two teams might be waiting it out in the last ring when one of these Red-tier drops comes down on one of them.

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If Respawn does plan to make the Airdrop Escalation limited-time mode a permanent part of ordinary Apex Legends, I hope they choose just the Blue-tier and Purple-tier loot. This could be a good addition to the game without the late-game mess of a team with two Peacekeepers and a Kraber.