Dead By Daylight Is Getting A New Update That Includes A New HUD And Other Gameplay Improvements

Dead By Daylight Is Getting A New Update That Includes A New HUD And Other Gameplay Improvements
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you’re into survival-horror, Dead by Daylighthas been a pretty decent way to play with and against some iconic horror villains. The killer list is updated frequently and that has been huge in keeping the game’s momentum going strong since its initial 2016 launch.

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The developer Behaviour Interactive has kept the updates coming pretty consistently. There’s actually a new update coming here pretty shortly that makes some tweaks to killers and gameplay.

Starting off, we have some adjustments with The Clown. He has a new Afterpiece Antidote, which once activated, has the ability to give recipients a speed boost. That should make it a bit easier to chase down survivors before they can escape or activate generators.

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There is some caution though in that if you misthrow this antidote and a survivor comes in contact with the gas produced, they can also receive a speed boost. Thus, careful placement will be key in how this antidote benefits your playthroughs.

The next major adjustment is with the HUD. It has received a complete makeover, making the layout more user-friendly but familiar to players that have stuck around Dead by Daylight since the beginning.

With the new makeover are character portraits. They let you see survivors as you click on their name. Finally, players finally have the ability to increase or decrease the size of the HUD. So if you want to see things more clearly, you can expand the HUD to your liking.

Or if the HUD is not a resource you rely on that much, you can minimize its size so that you have more screen real estate to take advantage of. Having the ability to do this is a nice touch that lets players optimize their visual settings.

Some graphics updates are also available to a couple of realms, which definitely give them a more HD quality. If you want a full list of the changes, you can visit the developer update on the game’s forum page.

Overall, there are a lot of exciting updates worth celebrating. The developer is making an effort to bring improvements whenever they can. Despite some of the game’s shortcomings, Dead by Daylight is a lot of fun if you know what to expect and play with the right people.

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It’s awesome seeing it get better here in 2021. From new killers to graphical improvements, there is usually something on the horizon to look forward to.