Dead By Daylight Provides New Cosplay Guide For Clown Just In Time For Halloween

Dead By Daylight Provides New Cosplay Guide For Clown Just In Time For Halloween
Credit: Dead By Daylight Official Website

Starting in July 2019, Behaviour Interactive began releasing cosplay guides for the killers of Dead By Daylight. The guides contain highly detailed information for those who want to cosplay as one of the characters. The developer has slowly continued to update the cosplay site with new killers every month.

Previously released were guides for the Wraith, Huntress, The Spirit, Plague, Doctor, and, most recently, Clown. The cosplay guides are large PDF downloads with around ten pages of documentation. No purchase is necessary to download the guides.

After downloading the guide, the player is introduced to the killer. For example, the Clown displays some biographical information about his background and how he began to take an interest in killing. The last paragraph describes in detail how he began dressing as a clown and taking captives into his caravan.

The majority of the guide is dedicated to showing the characters in full detail. The “Face” page shows the front and back of the character, along with wit side views. The developer also took the time to highlight the facial details, such as cakey makeup, skin conditions, and obvious makeup.

The next pages go into detail about the killer’s outfits. Specific highlights are shown in larger detail. The developer also highlighted where the killer might have accumulated more dirt and blood on their costume.

After highlighting details on the killer’s costume, there are full-body renders of the characters. These will give cosplayers a full overview of the potential costume while comparing it to their own.

The last few pages show the weapons in detail. Clown’s knife, in particular, is a leaf-shaped blade with a wooden handle. Blood and other bits are shown in the grooves of the knife. There is also a highlighted portion showing where the blade retracts.

Anyone who wants to cosplay as one of the grisly killers from the game now has a detailed resource. Fans of the characters can also check out the guide to learn more background behind each of the killers. Unfortunately, there are no official guides yet available for the survivors. Players can check out forums such as the Dead By Deadlight Fandom page or Reddit for suggestions from other cosplayers.

The Dead By Daylight cosplay guides are available on the game’s official website now.