The Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition Receives A Rating In Korea, Further Proving The Game’s Existence

The Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition Receives A Rating In Korea, Further Proving The Game’s Existence
Credit: Mass Effect via YouTube

If BioWare and EA are trying to hide the fact that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming to current generation consoles in the near future, they’re doing a legendarily bad job.

A rating from the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for the title was spotted by Gematsu, which is just one in a long list of accidental retail leaks that have exposed this game to the entire world.

Just a few months ago, we saw a number of UK retailers create listings for the game, complete with box art. These listings were quickly struck down, but not before everyone had already seen them and reported on them extensively.

Rumors surrounding this re-release of the original Mass Effect Trilogy started in May of 2020, and have picked up steam ever since. Initially, it was reported that we’d be getting a re-release of one of the most iconic sci fi RPG series of all time sometime before March of 2021. The rumors also stated we’d be getting versions of the trilogy for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with the potential for a Nintendo Switch version sometime in the future.

Of course, news surrounding the potential Nintendo Switch version made headlines instantly. The ability to take the Mass Effect trilogy with you on the go seemed like a game changer for a lot of longtime fans.

When the listings leaked in the UK, the Switch version was on there. But now it seems as though our dreams of Mass Effect coming to Nintendo might be something of a longshot. Industry journalist James Grubb, who has been the source of most of the non-retail leak news surrounding this project has stated that a Switch version is not in the cards.

He is also the one who noted that the title for this remastered set will be Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The Korean rating seemed to solidify this rumor as it was listed there as Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

There has not been any word as of yet regarding a next generation release on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X/S.

Of course, nothing regarding this project is officially confirmed, and all of the news thus far amounts to little more than here say. BioWare and EA have not yet officially acknowledged that the game even exists.

Many believe that an official announcement will come on November 7, which has become known in the Mass Effect fandom as N7 Day. This is the day that BioWare typically drops news or trailers related to new Mass Effect projects.