With The Help Of A New Texture Pack, The Doom Mod Beautifully Remasters Doom 3 In HD

With The Help Of A New Texture Pack, The Doom Mod Beautifully Remasters Doom 3 In HD
Credit: pcgamer

The renowned PC FPS franchise of id Software, Doom, is constantly being altered by modders, even going so far as to swap out the irate Doomguy with the lovely and, by comparison, quite laid-back cat from Stray.

Now it’s Doom 3’s turn, which has recently undergone a total overhaul owing to a new update that adds an incredible HD texture pack.

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Numerous sound effects have also been changed, notably those of the default pistol, which in the base game sounded uninteresting and little but is now improved with noises from the first Doom 3 alpha.

D3HDP is the ideal justification to revisit possibly the most derided member of the entire Doom dynasty and give it another shot if you’ll pardon the pun. The entire game looks nicer, faster, and more vibrant than ever before.

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Doom 3 is still an important part of FPS history and is definitely worth it even if you’re not a series completist. The monster entrances are a little too many, and the level design never quite measures up to John Romero’s sublime work (who, by the way, is contemplating a comeback to the FPS genre).

The HD texture pack was made by a group of contributors who integrated their individual upscale mods into this fantastic, finished product, and it is accessible for free on Mod DB. Check out our list of the top PC FPS games if you’re tired of Doom and want to try something new. Doom 3 is, to put it mildly, a contentious game.

Believe it or not, some consider it to be the greatest in the series, but others, like myself, consider it to be a bit of a one-trick pony that had the endurance and element of surprise of its predecessors.

Because Doom 3 effectively put the series on hold for a considerable amount of time prior to the critically acclaimed 2016 remake, the debate is now mostly moot.