Evolve Stage 2 Was Triggered Four Years After The Game Servers Were Deactivated

Evolve Stage 2 Was Triggered Four Years After The Game Servers Were Deactivated
Credit: IGN

The game is suddenly back online four years after the servers were shut down, but according to 2K, nothing has changed.
Something unexpected is occurring with Evolve Stage 2, the long-dead free-to-play 4v1 FPS from 2K Video Games. Four years after the servers were shut down, ending the sport, they seemed to have returned.

Turtle Rock Studios, the company behind Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, initially published Evolve in early 2015 but did not perform well. We had fun creating it, but players didn’t seem to be interested, so a little over a year later, it became available for free as Evolve Stage 2.

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Unfortunately, although we also liked that version, it didn’t fare much better, and in June 2018, 2K stopped development.
Legacy Evolve, 2K’s name for the original game when it went free-to-play, still supported friend play, but Evolve Stage 2, which relied on dedicated servers, was completely shut down. After server support ended, players were left with nothing except battling bots in training mode.

This situation persisted until June of this year, when a relay server responsible for Legacy Evolve’s matching crashed, preventing the small but devoted group on the Evolve Reunited 2.0 Discord from playing together.

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The Evolve Discord community wants to take advantage of whatever is happening. According to a statement earlier this week, “in light of recent events, now is the greatest time for us to try to capitalize on our hope of getting Evolve re-listed back onto the Steam store.” “Your complaints about Legacy Evolve’s downed peer-to-peer feature were considered, and Stage 2 was even placed back online.

They must have seen all this by this point, whether on purpose or by some accidental accident.”
Although the raw numbers are still relatively modest, Evolve Stage 2 is experiencing an incredible increase of players, which may seem like a long shot.