10 Minutes Of Gameplay In Doom Eternal Just Released Showing Demon And Slayer Action

10 Minutes Of Gameplay In Doom Eternal Just Released Showing Demon And Slayer Action
Credit: IGN via YouTube

2020 is shaping up to be quite a year in the video game industry. There are so many AAA games coming down the pipe, which by all accounts, could take gaming to unprecedented heights. One such game is Doom Eternal. In classic Doom fashion, this latest installment is featuring blood-pumping action, metal music, and of course, demons of otherworldly proportions.

Lately, we’ve received a lot of trailers for the title. It seems like id Software wants to keep the buzz going all the way up until its release. Well, they’ve certainly done a great job in this regard. We just got another extended clip of gameplay that lasts roughly 10 minutes. If you’re interested in seeing what your Slayer will be capable of in this latest installment, then it’s a trailer you certainly don’t want to miss.

It starts off with some demon-slaying action. The user has a bevvy of weapons at his disposal, including a huge pulse blaster, a rocket launcher, and plenty of machine guns. That’s always been an amazing aspect Doom players can look forward to with every installment. There are just so many distinct guns and their mechanics are always dialed in perfectly.

The added variety in Doom Eternal should keep gameplay fresh, even after hours of play. The graphics have never been better based on what this footage is showing. Executing deadly melee attacks and stomping out heads are just part of this game’s beautiful symphony of destruction.

Moving from weapon to weapon seems pretty seamless. That’s important, too, because you may not always want to approach combat situations the same. Some enemies are far away so you’ll want to quickly get out a long-range weapon, while close quarter scenarios work better with shotguns and explosive weapons. There seems to be a weapon for every intense situation.

The gameplay footage also shows combat with one of the demon classes you can choose from the menu. This demon can hover above ground and shoot pulse cannons from far away. The mechanics are a nice contrast from what was shown of the Slayer.

Playing as the bad guy has always appealed to gamers; it gives them a different perspective. It’s nice to see the developer adding this variety in Doom Eternal. It certainly will make the multiplayer modes all the more fun.

This latest footage just re-affirms what many gamers already believed: Doom Eternal could be the best installment in this storied franchise to date.