Valve Corp. Introduce Free Prototype Battle Pass With Cosmetics For Auto-Chess Game, Dota Underlords

Valve Corp. Introduce Free Prototype Battle Pass With Cosmetics For Auto-Chess Game, Dota Underlords
Credit: DotaCinema via YouTube

Valve Corporation is taking their new auto-chess game, Dota Underlords, to a whole new level by offering a free battle pass to players. Playing the daily and weekly challenges includes free cosmetics rewards. Like, unlocking several other features which include new game boards, banners, respawn effects, and victory fireworks, among others. The newly added feature aims to increase greater engagement and enthusiasm amongst its active players.

Dota Underlords is a recent addition to the line of Dota games from the top game development company, Valve Corporation. The game is their take on the sprouting new game genre of auto-chess which is taking the gaming world by storm.

According to the Underlords team, this new gameplay addition is a learning experience for the development team and considering the game has had several setbacks during its initial launch. The Underlord team had to clean and tweak its UI with a patch that included fixing endgame display buttons, bot difficulties, and addition of menus, among others.

Dota Underlords’ Proto Pass in many ways is in its testing phases, and the development team is hoping to get more feedback from players. Season 1 Battle Pass will be the test drive of the new gameplay addition and players getting technical and minor issues would be more than welcome.

Valve Corporations take on the auto-chess genre is free to download and has a free-to-play gameplay strategy. The addition of the Battle Pass is deemed to balance the game’s returns while keeping every gamer happy. And after the infamous failure of their previous game release, the team behind the development of Dota Underlords might be being cautious about their every move.

The mechanics behind the Proto Pass game feature is easy to understand. Players engaged in an MP or a hardcore bot game earns XP. Joining daily and weekly quests speed up the process of acquiring more points which unlocks different material. These additions might be standard in-game features, but they provide an exciting new addition to how the game will be played.

Also, players able to reach Level 5 get better rewards, which can possibly include any of the bonuses above. Dota Underlords is still in its beta version, and Valve moves closer to a final release. The current modifications are aimed towards making the game unbeaten, and a recoup for the game developer’s failed game release of the previous year.

With Dota Overlords, it’s easy for Valve to create tons of great character skins and add various abilities to each persona. The addition of the Proto Pass in-game feature also makes it easy for the Overlords team to add multiple rewards. It’s also increasing the quality of gaming experience to every Overlord player.