Trailer For Open-World RPG With Stamina And Resource Management Game, Gods & Monsters, Out Now!

Trailer For Open-World RPG With Stamina And Resource Management Game, Gods & Monsters, Out Now!
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Just a month ago, gaming giant Ubisoft revealed a trailer for its brand new game, Gods & Monsters, during the company’s annual expo conference. Though a new trailer was released, Ubisoft did not delve much into details about the game. Expect the game will have an open-world concept much like Assassin’s Creed. Many speculate the game will be much more laidback compared to the previous game, which has a melancholy setting.

Ubisoft’s Jonathan Dumont and Marc-Alexis Côté openly discussed more details about the game during a recent interview with Ubi’s official blog. What’s clear about the game though is that it will have an Assassin’s Creed Oddysey gameplay but with a storyline akin to Zelda.

The executives mention the game will have a storyline that starts with a character named Homer, who tells his grandchildren stories and his grandkids keep interrupting and asking questions. So, much as the game title suggests, the Gods & Monsters game will be about mythology, but the executives promise there would be a twist.

This game will definitely be fun and entertaining considering the Ubisoft creative director mentioned of poking fun at things with certain instances in mythology. Gods & Monsters is promised to be a hundred percent mythology but with a dramatic change compared to their previous releases of the same genre and storyline.

Dumont also mentioned that the main protagonist by the name of Fenyx will be fully customizable, and players can change his appearance, including his armor and stats. The game will have an ability-based combat game which can also be used for platforming the character. This means that the gameplay will revolve around the player’s ability to control the character, including jumping and fighting various mythical characters.

The executive’s hint about the character’s double jump ability suggests a more significant focus on the games platforming stance. This is entirely different from Assassin’s Creed, which has been widely about traditional parkour. One exciting addition to the game is “resource and stamina management,” a game aspect that completely differs from the AC game.

The game is scheduled for release next year, with Ubisoft targeting a Feb 25 launch. With a few months lead, it would be a daring feat for a game with a vast concept. The quick turnaround raises some questions about the scalability of the game and how the full worth of the venture will be.