Dota Underlords Officially Leaves Early Access Next Month; Fans Are Excited For The First Season

Dota Underlords Officially Leaves Early Access Next Month; Fans Are Excited For The First Season
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Dota Underlords has been one of the more successful auto battlers as of late. It involves an amazing mix of strategy and beautifully detailed stages and characters. It has been in Early Access now for several months. That time is about to end, fortunately.

Starting in February, Dota Underlords will be out of Early Access with its 1.0 update. That’s great news if you’re a fan of this tactical title. There are many systems and features fans can look forward to once the full game releases.

For example, players will finally have more Underlords to play as. Having access to more character options should help with your gameplay experience overall. According to the description, the roster is ever-expanding, which means you’re surely to find an Underlord that fits your play style.

A Battle Pass system is also coming with the full version. It’s bringing a lot of features with it, including cosmetics, custom boards, a progression system, and much much more. As far as the seasons, they’ll rotate out certain heroes and items in favor of new ones.

That’s a smart strategy from the developer if you really think about it. The constant changes keep gameplay fresh. Just as you think you have a good grasp on the matches, a new season can drastically change things up. You’re thus constantly required to evolve your game, which should make for a fun challenge.

If you’re planning to enjoy Dota Underlords online, then get ready. You’ll be able to create your own private lobbies and matches against selected competition. This should give rise to even more incredible experiences, especially if you’re playing with a friend or a heated rival.

For those wondering what the pricing model will be like when Dota Underlords officially releases in February, they can rest easy. According to Valve, this game will always be free. That’s great news if you’re trying to game on a budget.

Despite the game being absolutely free, it feels like a premium game. Valve really has done great things with the visuals and addicting mechanics. Every time you get done with a match, you want to quickly hop back into another one. There are always new strategies to learn and opponents to take out.

February couldn’t come soon enough. So far, gamers have loved what Valve has done with the game while being in Early Access. The full version should improve these great experiences even more.