Valorant – 100 Thieves Announced The Rest Of Their Roster With Asunaa And Diceyzx

Valorant – 100 Thieves Announced The Rest Of Their Roster With Asunaa And Diceyzx
Credit: Valorant via Twitter

The time has come as the steadily increasing retirement home for aging Counter-Strike stars known as Valorant breaks the mold with 100 Thieves finally announcing their final two to round out their professional Valorant team.

With legendary names already on the roster in the form of three former CS:GO titans, Hiko, Steel, and nitr0, 100 Thieves stayed true to their word of looking outside of the professional Counter-Strike scene for the remaining members, signing on two rather young players that will serve as a bit of a balance for the aging, yet storied, remainder of the roster.

Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk is seventeen years old and has been hitting the Valorant grind for months already after bouncing around a bit of the minor leagues within CS; the player was originally signed to the Immortals before taking on the colors of the 100 Thieves.

Quan ‘diceyzx’ Tran has similarly been with Immortals in the past, playing alongside Asuna briefly prior to both being picked up by 100 Thieves.

Even in this early stage of Valorant, where Riot still has yet to reveal their plans for the competitive league, this is a bit of a frightening lineup that other teams will likely take note of.

You have three Counter-Strike legends all grinding together on new mechanics (and CS players know the skill-grind all too well), and two young members ready to learn a bit of the esport ropes as they appear in top-tier competitive play, from stage play to elimination match stress.

Even if Hiko or nitr0 were to proverbially age-out of the competitive scene, the number of expertise and wisdom that those two alone could impart on Peter and Quan could very well turn them into legendary names within the competitive scene, and highly sought after in five years.

Granted, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here; we haven’t even seen this line-up in action as of yet, and even the partial 100T roster that has stagnated for the past month-plus hasn’t had many showings to allow analysts to figure out precisely where they will fit into the meta and standings.

The last match that The Spike has recorded for 100 Thieves was on August 6th with a loss against FaZe Clan, who had pulled in two Overwatch League players to round out their roster.

By and large, however, expectations are high for the current roster of the 100 Thieves, and rumors of them being a new contender for the top 3 do not seem outlandish if only based on pedigree alone.