Upcoming Exilecon For Path Of Exile Will Show A Sneak Peek of Path of Exile 4.0.0 Due In December 2020

Upcoming Exilecon For Path Of Exile Will Show A Sneak Peek of Path of Exile 4.0.0 Due In December 2020
Credit: Path of Exile via YouTube

Path of Exile is one of the greatest truly free to play games and has been chugging away steadily since October of 2013 while showing no signs of stopping or even slowing down, for that matter.  The isometric action RPG has boasted a continuous high number of users since Diablo 3‘s real-money market fiasco caused a poorer launch than the powerhouse would like.

Path of Exile picked up their dropped market and has been crushing it ever since.

With various ‘seasons’ bringing new gameplay mechanics to Path of Exile multiple times per year, introducing new dungeons, core gameplay mechanics, loot, and monsters, developer Grinding Gear Games then looks at what people did and didn’t like.  If features of the season went over well, they typically get added to the core part of the game, making the scope absolutely staggering in terms of adventure and plausible character builds.

The loot continues to pile up as well, with new season mechanics being added into loot piles, turning most dungeon waltzes into a veritable loot supermarket.

With Grinding Gear Games continuing to plug away at new content, most recently being the Blight season update that once again rang the bell signaling action-RPG lovers to return to their stomping grounds of Wraeclast, this years annual Exilecon holds the promise of peeking behind the curtains once again to see what’s in store for the upcoming season 3.9.0, along with the forbidden fruit of 4.0.0.

Exilecon has, in the past, been an opportunity for Path of Exile lovers to gather together and celebrate the journey that the game has taken thus far, and what’s in store for users in the future.  The upcoming season of 3.9 promises tons of new content that gamers have come to expect Grinding Gear Games to continue to grind out, with multiple season iterations taking place between the 3.9.0 update and the 4.0.0 update expected in December 2020.

Exilecon will also be live-streamed on Twitch, so those that couldn’t journey out for the convention can still behold the wondrous opportunities that await them in the future.  If you’re not up for watching two-and-a-half days of content, we’ll have a recap available here once the convention ends on November 10th.

This is the second Exilecon to take place after the Chinese media conglomerate, Tencent, purchased a controlling stake in Grinding Gear Games which occurred mid-2018.  Concern and speculation went wild, with longtime fans concerned that the action-RPG would be stifled by the Chinese corporation.  Aside from discontent over chat-censorship, however, Grinding Gear Games clearly still hold the reins to their steed.