Crash Team Racing Speeds Into The New Neon Circus Grand Prix This Friday, Fire The Cannon And Let The Circus Chaos Commence

Crash Team Racing Speeds Into The New Neon Circus Grand Prix This Friday, Fire The Cannon And Let The Circus Chaos Commence
Credit: Sony via YouTube

Bandicoots beware as the circus comes speeding into the latest Grand Prix. The Neon Circus Grand Prix brings bright lights, showmanship, and exciting tracks to the already chaotic racing game. It is almost as if it was, nitro-fueled and power-packed at epic speeds.

The Koala Carnival begins on Friday, November 8, at 7 AM PST. This comes at no additional cost to anyone who purchased the game and can be replayed multiple times through the Grand Prix season.

Koala Kong, the headliner of the Koala Carnival, is the new addition to the character set. He is the master of ceremonies, and this is his course. Colorful, death-defying antics await all who enter the track. Race around and find cannons bursting, decorations soaring, and of course, the dash of dangerous explosives that make this the dangerous race that fans love.

In the carnival are three amazing new karts available during the Neon Circus Grand Prix. If you’re looking for danger, you may want to take a ride in the Daredevil. Or harness your inner carnie with the Nitro Bumper Kart. The last deluxe kart on the market is the Pressurizer, which can, of course, put pressure on your enemies as you race rapidly along the track.

A new game mode has been added that will put your skills and endurance to the test. Ring Rally has arrived and will drive you to higher speeds then bright blue hedgehogs have ever achieved. Time counts down as you take off in this race; you must survive as long as possible to earn the highest score.

Collect the rings, and each ring will increase your clock. They will also give you a boost forever ring collected, letting you navigate the track even quicker. Earn points and collect rings as you finish the lap setting new records. As you lap, each ring successfully will get smaller, making it harder to collect as you keep driving.

Koala Kong is not the only new racer hitting the track. If you make it through the host of Nitro Gauge Challenges, you can unlock Pasadena O’Possum, Ebenezer Con Clutch, and the infamous Koala Kong. These each come with a new set of cosmetic items available in the Pit Stop.

If you do not own this game, you can purchase it for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. All Grand Prix races are free with the purchase of the core game. If you are a fan of the crazy Crash Bandicoot and high-speed racing, then this may be a perfect game for your collection.