The Unexpected Quest Is A Unique Strategy And Medieval Management Game Headed For Steam Later This Year

The Unexpected Quest Is A Unique Strategy And Medieval Management Game Headed For Steam Later This Year
Credit: PQubeGames via Youtube

PQube and Rionix are proud to announce their upcoming indie strategy game The Unexpected Quest headed for Steam later this year. Explore a unique medieval fantasy setting inspired by management classics like Warcraft 3 and The Settlers. There is a demo already available giving fans a sample of the upcoming adventure.

Explore a world created by the Russian development team Rionix. They work hard to create casual and fun games allowing fans a memorable experience in virtual worlds. Enjoy a unique fantasy land and start your own quest into the realm.

Enter a world of adventure and strategy in a unique medieval world. Embark on quests, hunt down treasure, manage your resources, and could your city in this fantasy world. As you learn to battle, cast magic, brew potions, and more as you bring order to a savage world.

Explore a full world of strange creatures. Some will be willing to help you, others may be in need of help, while many would much rather take your life. Visit quiet villages, forests, mountaintops, swamps and more as you enter a world of adventure.

Loot, pillage, and exploit everything in your environment. Keep good stocked, resources plentiful, and expand your world with the help of the other races. Dwarves for the mines, wood for the mill, and many other great buildings can be crafted.

The denizens of the world are always in need of heroes to solve their problems. Go on quests and reap the rewards of your work to profit your empire.

Hire soldiers for your military, upgrade their armor and weapons and send them off to do battle and conquer anyone in your way. When words don’t work, force is often a suitable substitute.

When your city needs extra aid it is up to you to cast spells and fix problems. Magic items, potions, and more can remedy any issue within your city. Save gold, complete quests, and plunder treasure to gain your way into magic items.

Explore a vast world full of treasure and opportunity created by Rionix. The game does have a demo available for fans who want a taste at this game’s adventure.

The Unexpected Quests is planned for release on Steam later in 2020. Interested fans can wishlist this title and explore more information on the game’s Steam page. This title truly is inspired by classic RTS games but seems to take its own direction allowing players a chance to invest in a single settlement and really become a part of the world.