Enjoy The Game Of Life And Experience Dreams In Circadian City, Headed To Steam Early Access On July

Enjoy The Game Of Life And Experience Dreams In Circadian City, Headed To Steam Early Access On July
Credit: Circadian City via Youtube

Circadian City is planning its entry into Steam Early Access later this year. Way Down Deep and developer Nowhere Studios are working tirelessly on this title with a 1.0 release planned for the third quarter of 2021. The publisher is hoping for both a PC and Nintendo Switch release upon the game’s full development.

Choose your appearance, career, and more to become a resident of a big city. Control their life, build relationships, and experience the adventure of day to day life. During the night, farm dreams in one of the most free-minded cities in the entire country.

Circadian City is proud of its rich cultural scene with a friendly community of over three million citizens. Enjoy art galleries, concerts, farmer markets, and more as you make new friends and enjoy a virtual life.

This game includes taking care of your basic needs making sure your happy, fed, and motivated. After graduating from university you get to earn your life and develop interests and relationships in a healthy environment. Control your stress and enjoy a simulated city.

Each night you get to experience dreams in a weird land. Your daily life activities shape your dreams where you get to see the effects of your decisions. Develop your personalities and enjoy a wide range of playstyles as you craft your self inside of your own minds.

Enjoy random encounters, find your life goals, and discover mysterious characters within the dreams. As you experience nightly visits, make sure to craft the person you want to be.

As you create bonds and friendship with strangers you will slowly build relationships. Share interests, and eventually choose your nearest and dearest from a wide range of hetero and LGBTQ options.

The developers hope to keep Circadian City in Early Access while they are adding even more crazy ideas into the game. This is the developer’s chance to get the community involved in the development process by allowing them to add their own crazy ideas into the game.

If this sounds like a title that you are interested in, be sure to wishlist and follow this game on Steam. The Steam page offers opportunities to connect with the developer along with access to the Early Access when it releases in July.

Circadian City is planned for release on PC with no console ports involved. This title presents a unique and powerful experience mixed with dream states that will inspire and fascinate players.