DwarfHeim Is An Upcoming Coop Dwarf-Based RTS Game Headed For PC Soon, Work With Your Friends To Build A Thriving Dwarven City Worthy Of The Throne

DwarfHeim Is An Upcoming Coop Dwarf-Based RTS Game Headed For PC Soon, Work With Your Friends To Build A Thriving Dwarven City Worthy Of The Throne
Credit: Merge Games via Youtube

Pineleaf Studios is close to releasing its upcoming multiplayer RTS style game, DwarfHeim. The cooperative and competitive city builder game will hold up to four players as they manage and defend their dwarven city from the onslaught of many enemies.

This is the first game of its kind that combines team mechanics as players work together to build and defend their city. Work together as a team to gather resources, build the city, and defend your dwarven home.

Under constant threats from feral trolls and rival dwarven clans, players work together on a quest to find the ancient throne of DwarfHeim. Players use their different classes and abilities to gather resources and continue to grow the dwarven city.

Survive in the land of Agartha and expand your borders as you gather long-forgotten clues to your dwarvish origins. You must make sure to manage your population and keep your dwarvish city happy as you fight for survival in an unforgiving world.

Craft your own strategies and make important decisions throughout the game. Every choice you make will affect your team’s efficiency and eventually the outcome of the game. There are 18 different units and 30 different resources that players can use to craft 34 buildings. Use 72 different unit abilities to turn the tide of combat and emerge victorious as the most empowered dwarven clan.

To craft more powerful units, players must find the rarest minerals within the deep mines of Agartha. Like a good dwarf, you must send your units deep below the surface of the world, creating intricate machines so you can refine the minerals. Build traps so that you can avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks from things that lurk below.

Play as one of four classes as you aid your team in this cooperative adventure. The builder’s job is to support their team by healing units, building defenses and houses, creating farms, and brewing brews. The miner must gather the resources and build all the machinery and traps within the city.

They also specialize in blowing up defenses and buildings. The diplomat sneaks through enemy defenses and can place sentries within the compounds of your enemies. They also gain the ability to sabotage buildings and machinery or trade with the other empires to gain your way to riches. Last is the warrior who can train their army to defend the town. Kill creeps and get gold, which you can use to equip your army with legendary weapons and destroy the enemy team completely.

DwarfHeim is available through Steam sometime this Fall 2020. One interesting feature is the friend-pass, which comes included with the game. You can invite your friends to play with you for online play in a free downloadable client. They can play with you as long as you own a purchased copy of the title, without having to buy it themselves.