The Sims 4 Update Adds New Music Plus Several Fixes And Improvements

The Sims 4 Update Adds New Music Plus Several Fixes And Improvements
Credit: The Sims via YouTube

The Sims 4 team recently released a large patch that adds new content along with patching issues across several expansion packs.

This may be the final major update for The Sims 4, since the developer, Maxis, is gearing up to take their holiday break until 2020.

As part of the update, more music was added to the Alternative music station. They include “Nicknames” by Dayglow, “4am” by girl in red, “prom dress” by mxmtoon, and “Win You over” by Whethan & Bearson feat. SOAK.

The Sims 4 base game updates include a long list of changes. In a previous update, there was an issue with children choosing “Quick Meals.” Now children can get their own bowl of cereal without an older Sim making a meal or leaving out leftovers.

For Sims that are fire-prone, putting out fires is now a bit easier. If a fire has moved under an object, Sims don’t have to wait until the fire has spread to put it out. This reduces the amount of damage.

Patches were made for the Seasons EP, as well. They include fixing the issues where Holiday Gnomes kept scattering seed packets everywhere, even after the holiday ends. Their power to break “Unbreakable” objects was also removed. The Flower Bunny is now restricted only to their scheduled event and won’t appear outside of the appropriate season.

Most of the fixes were for the newest expansion pack, University. The EP was released on PC/Mac last month and hits consoles tomorrow. Since the EP is still new, Maxis had several community-reported issues to fix. The repairs include several quality-of-life improvements, while also removing some beneficial bugs like mood meters filling up before a Sim attends class.

The Realm of Magic DLC also includes fixes to NPCs and Pet familiars. NPCs who don’t live in Glimmerbrook won’t appear with unlearned Magic skills. Pet Familiars, who spend a lot of time foraging with nothing to show for it, was also fixed. They’ll bring back everything they find. Cauldron chefs can also now make enough food to be saved for leftovers. One of the major changes was for Spellcasters, who can now use “Scruberoo” to clean up children’s messes and the cats.

The full list of PC: / Mac: patch notes are available on The Sims community forum.