The Indie-Hit Untitled Goose Game Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass Next Week

The Indie-Hit Untitled Goose Game Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass Next Week
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass has been an incredible platform for Xbox One users. For just a low monthly charge, subscribers gain access to hundreds of Xbox classics and new titles. Best of all, there are new games added every month. Thus, there is always something incredible to look forward to — whether you like single-player shooters or online RPGs. The options are limitless.

One of the more popular games that was just announced for the platform is the indie-hit Untitled Goose Game. That’s right. If you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll be able to check out the hilarious action starting next week. Untitled Goose Game really does deliver on every important front.

First of all, being a goose is downright thrilling. Who would have thought that this pretty common animal you see at parks often would instill so much laughter and happiness? If you don’t already know, the game is about being a goose. You get to go around town causing as much mischief as you want. It’s like an open sandbox game where you’re only limited by your love for destruction.

It’s crazy to think how simple of a concept it is, and yet, people have loved every moment of Untitled Goose Game. It has already become an instant classic on the Nintendo Switch platform. Interacting with humans as a seemingly innocent goose is very addicting.

There could be a person just minding their own business. Right when their guard is down, you go in and take one of their personal items. You then try to make off with it before they can catch you. This is just one of the many mischievous scenarios you’ll be able to complete as a goose.

Not only can you steal items from people, but you can set up pranks. Humans have no clue what you have up your sleeves. You could lead them into an elaborate trap that took you quite a while to set up. Seeing it successful is a very rewarding experience. It’s these moments that make you want to revisit Untitled Goose Game time and time again.

It’s not often when a game doesn’t have clear goals to complete and yet still manages to capture your attention from start to finish. In this way, Untitled Goose Game is one of the best indie games by House House that you can find on the market. Every gamer needs to experience it at some point.