Full Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Drops At The Game Awards – Confirms Summer 2020 Release Window

Full Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Drops At The Game Awards – Confirms Summer 2020 Release Window
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

For several years now, Ghost of Tsushima has been an anticipated title mired in a lot of confusion. We’ve been hearing about this game for what feels like forever, but there has never been a release window, until now.

At The Game Awards, PlayStation and developer Sucker Punch unveiled a full trailer for the upcoming title, in which they confirmed a Summer 2020 release.

See the full trailer in the player below.

The trailer was first teased during Sony’s final State of Play for 2019, with the promise of a full trailer airing during The Game Awards.

Sony delivered on this promise, showcasing the game in what was called “The Ghost Trailer.” At over four and a half minutes, this trailer gave eager gamers a strong and lengthy look at what this title has to offer.

For starters, the backgrounds are absolutely breathtaking, rendered in stunning quality. The trailer noted that all footage was taken from a PlayStation Pro, so anyone with a standard PlayStation 4 console might have a slightly different experience.

But the main takeaway from this trailer was a name and description of our main character, known only as The Ghost.

We see The Ghost approach three men in a gorgeous forest, filled with yellow-leaved trees. As the figure of The Ghost is silhouetted in what appears to be the glow of sunrise, the leader of these men calls out to him in Japanese, addressing him as “Samurai.”

When The Ghost does not respond, the men draw their swords. Our hero responds in kind. As the men charge, The Ghost pulls out a small lit bomb and throws it at the ground.

We then get an English voice over talking about The Ghost.

“The Ghost,” it says. “Some say he died on the beach. Others say he is a storm made flesh. When the wind thrashes their tents and boats, they know he is coming.”

Then we see a series of amazing action sequences, where The Ghost dispatches enemies with his sword, bombs, and a bow and arrow. The scenes appear to be a mixture of cut scene and gameplay footage, woven together perfectly to give future players a real sense of the world of this game and what the experience is going to be like.

We eventually see The Ghost slaughter three out of the four men from the beginning. As the lead man looks up at him in fear, The Ghost points his blood-stained sword at the man and then gestures with it to the right.

“Tell him I’m coming.” he says, allowing the man to leave.

The trailer ends with The Ghost stalking toward a defended fort, yelling out a man’s name. We see the gate slowly opening as the trailer closes.

Ghost of Tsushima will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console in Summer 2020.