Stylish Cyberpunk 2D Vertical Tower Game Black Future ‘88 Reveals Weapons In New Trailer

Stylish Cyberpunk 2D Vertical Tower Game Black Future ‘88 Reveals Weapons In New Trailer
Credit: Good Shepherd Entertainment via YouTube

Superscarysnakes released the action-adventure game, Black Future ‘88, on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Black Future ‘88 is a post-apocalyptic tale about the world trying to pick itself up after a nuclear explosion. The player will control one of the survivors who will fight enemies to get to the top of the tower. Your mission is to kill the evil architect named Duncan.

Duncan was responsible for unleashing hell on earth. He dropped the bomb in the summer of 1988. By the Christmas holidays, the fallout swallowed the sun and clothed the entire world in a dark cloud. To make it worse, it simply does not stop raining, which resulted in rising floodwaters.

Those unlucky enough to survive the nuclear blast died in agony from drowning. In fact, in this new world, lives and survival are measured in minutes.

The world stopped telling time. To the minds of all survivors, it is still 1988.

But Duncan is not making it easy. To get to the top of the tower, you need to use guns and swords to kill the enemies. There are Duncan’s henchmen, wardens, and also insane junkies who want a piece of you. Also, the architect left some booby traps all around the tower, precisely to stop people like you from reaching him.

However, you have weapons you can use. For instance, the Night Piercer is a modified nail gun that enables you to swap positions with your enemy. You can also use it as a defense since it can destroy the bullets of your enemy. There is also the Money Shot, which can be devastating. But use this sparingly, and only if you are in big trouble. After all, it requires your money, which it converts into bullets for the power shots.

If you happen to fall from the tower, you can use The Gonnerator to slow down your descent. You can shoot the revolver on the ground, so you don’t fall to your death. The Blood Lance, meanwhile, can be used to refill your health. On the downside, it is a weak weapon, so you need a lot of combinations to kill the enemy.

The Blink Cannon is extremely powerful, and it can be fueled by your dash charges. The Vapour Smelter is a wave cannon that fires off flames to torch the enemy.

The fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Kill Duncan in Black Future ‘88 and finally stop the nuclear rain, and give survivors a new start.