Students Can Show Off Their Talents During The World Of Warcraft Student Art Contest 2019

Students Can Show Off Their Talents During The World Of Warcraft Student Art Contest 2019
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment via YouTube

The ninth annual World of Warcraft Student Art Contest is here! The contest gives college and university students that chance to create their World of Warcraft masterpiece, using the art style that is prevalent throughout the franchise. The creative piece can be artwork or animation.

The contest is put on by Blizzard Entertainment’s University Relations and World of Warcraft teams, and they are looking for a unique art piece that fits seamlessly in World of Warcraft universe.

Here is a video about the contest:

The teams started this contest to help create interest in the art style that World of Warcraft utilizes.

World of Warcraft artists can submit their entry via the online submissions page on Blizzard’s contest page from now until 11:59 pm PST on January 31, 2020.

There are four categories to compete in. Each group has strict requirements for what needs to be featured in the art piece.

Environment Art Contest: Students can create an environment diorama that would fit right into the World of Warcraft universe.
Character Art Contest: Create a non-playable character (NPC) or creature that would perfectly in the universe.
FX Contest: Students will create a player ability that can be added to the arsenal of one of the existing classes in the game.
Animation: Designers can create a combat animation following one of the three guidelines in the contest, either a two-hit combo attack, weapon spell attack, or summon and transition.

To read the rules of each category and the overarching rules for the entire contest, head to the contest page! World of Warcraft fans can also check out all the winning pieces from the 2018 World of Warcraft Student Art Contest.

The prize for winning one of the categories is pretty impressive for World of Warcraft fans.

There will be four grand prize winners (one chosen from each category listed above.) The World of Warcraft art team will be selecting the winners, determining who wins these prizes:
• A tour of Blizzard’s headquarters in Irvine, California.
• A two-hour sit down with a senior Blizzard artist. This is a mentorship session, so come with a lot of questions!
• A full-year subscription to World of Warcraft.
• A Blizzard Entertainment notebook, containing an original sketch by a Blizzard artist.
• A Blizzard t-shirt.
Only Canadian and US universities and colleges are eligible to compete. However, residents of Quebec, Vermont, North Dakota, Maryland, or Connecticut are not eligible to participate.