Strobophagia: Rave Horror Is Planning To Release Its Rave Based Horror Experience This Fall On Steam

Strobophagia: Rave Horror Is Planning To Release Its Rave Based Horror Experience This Fall On Steam
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a unique and psychedelic music experience as Green Tile Digital plans to release its upcoming title Strobophagia: Rave Horror. This title features a range of EDM music as you take part in a blood-curdling terror experience mixed with a rave environment. There is a free demo already available giving fans an early taste of the action to come.

This is a mind-numbing experience that takes fear to a dark new neon level. Fans will have to immerse themselves in the music while preparing for the horror that lies right below the surface at this unique headless Rave Festival.

After arriving at a strange occult forest rave players will come face to face with strange rituals that bring their experience past simple music. The organizers are charismatic making everything seem fine while an ancient evil slowly brews below the surface of this truly psychedelic party.

The game describes itself as a psychedelic adventure in a survival horror environment. This automatically places players on the defense as the dark events happening are beyond human comprehension.

The game’s rave promises its community an expression of ultimate freedom. Enter the Headless Rave Festival where the only price of admission is your own life.

Players must escape the rave, but as they try to travel back towards the road it seems that the forest has other plans. Players must maintain a grip on reality and allow logic to fall into the background as players battle a sinister presence that is always present. Escape the festival and make it home without losing yourself in the process.

The vivid neon on black presents a truly unique horror environment. Although the gameplay is a classic survival horror standard, the game’s unique setting takes fear to a completely new level.

Players are not alone as an in-game smartphone will allow them to locate people to talk to, important places at the festival, and several other useful functions. While a phone is useful for somethings, it does not make up for the fact that you are here to be killed in a ritual sacrifice.

Each of the awesome and thought out puzzles follows strange and twisted logic making it unpredictable and bloody. Solve problems, fight for your life, and escape a hellish festival of ultimate freedom.

Strobophagia is set to release on Steam as of Fall 2020. For more information be sure to explore Green tile Digital’s main site and Steam Page.