Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ Is Coming To Xbox One With New Survival Horror Opportunities

Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ Is Coming To Xbox One With New Survival Horror Opportunities
Credit: Steam XO

After originally launching onto Steam and later finding its way onto the PS4 fans have been discussing this horror title. Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ is a unique survival horror experience that revolves around solving puzzles, exploration, and most of all survival.

This title does have a strange name, but that is not the strangest part of this unique adventure. Dive into a world of madness as you explore a classic horror environment. This game has a ton to unearth as players dive into the depths of madness deep enough that many would never come back.

This title introduces players to a real town in Spain. Here, players play as a lonesome character who lives along with a dog. As you travel into the depths of his mind you will slowly start to understand the torment that he constantly goes through. With no society around him, there is nothing to distract him from the madness and paranoia that plague his soul.

This game takes a classic horror approach similar to the Resident Evil franchise. With a heavy emphasis on puzzles and exploration, players are left virtually defenseless against the horrors of the land. This is not a game for everyone, and players should know that before going in.

One interesting feature buried in this title is its four interchangeable camera types. Players can experience the title from first, second, and third-person perspectives. Each of these offers a unique tone for the overall game experience to take advantage of.

Experience the torment of being human as you explore the depths of a lonely mind. This game is a tormented pit of dispair that any horror fan can enjoy.

Be warned that this title does contain drugs, violence, blood, gore, nudity, strong language, and horror themes. As a dark and brooding title, this game destroys the mind and bends reality into its own vision.

All of this is said without even approaching the difficulty of the game itself. This game is hard, really hard, and the puzzles are meant to be challenging and completed under pressure. As the darkness creeps around players will have to decide if saving this man’s mind is worth the effort.

Enter the strange land of this title and explore the Steam page for more information. This game is strange, and that is a definite understatement.

Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.