Overwatch’s Summer Game Arrives Early But The Next Hero Will Be Later Then Expected

Overwatch’s Summer Game Arrives Early But The Next Hero Will Be Later Then Expected
Credit: Blizzard

Overwatch has been very scheduled and consistent since its launch with seasonal events coming and going like clockwork. Usually, heroes would arrive in March, July, and November of each year, which would mean that hero number 31 would be coming sometime this month. During a developer update, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said although the hero is in devlopment will be showing up a bit later than expected.

The Summer Games seasonal event will be arriving sooner than expected with some key changes happening to the original format. Each week will have a challenge similar to the Baptiste challenge that hs only recently ended. Although details to these challenges are unknown special event loot will be available as per usual.

Overwatch has had a hard time working against cheaters in recent years. In this update, a new automatic cheat detection system will be launched on PTR and is expected to hit the live servers as soon as it is ready. Reducing the amount of cheating happening in public and competitive matches would be a critical factor in inspiring many of the community to return.

There will be more changes happening in how the game distributes skins and how you receive them will receive some adjustments. This could help break up the monotony of the loot box system to give more consistent rewards as players progress. With the recent discussion in the courts and online about the legality of loot boxes, this could be Overwatch’s preparation for the storm to come.

Jeff Kaplan was very careful to emphasize that the new hero will be a male with repetitive uses of the pronoun He. This helps narrow down who might be the next hero and many of the online community believe that the next hero could be Mauga who is shown in the Baptiste short story. With the focus that was given to him in the story, it seems less likely that he is just a peripheral character and could be more vital to the overarching plot of Overwatch.

Many qualities of life updates were added to the game with some minor gun balancing and some slight adjustments to characters. It is good to see that even amongst the chaos happening within Blizzard that the Overwatch team is managing to keep moving forward. Fans have a positive outlook on the future of the game, doubly so with Jeff Kaplan at the helm.

Overwatch will continue to grow and evolve, and many hardcore fans are happy with the changes being made. As time goes on, fans slowly slip away from the shooter, but many are saying that the evolution of the game might be enough to draw back the community that has left.

This game is available still on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. If you have not had a chance to play this award-winning shooter, you can pick it up for your favorite platform.