Marcus Lehto Teases Disintegration; Shooter Game Is The First Project For Halo Co-Creator Since Leaving Bungie

Marcus Lehto Teases Disintegration; Shooter Game Is The First Project For Halo Co-Creator Since Leaving Bungie
Credit: V1 Interactive via YouTube

New details surrounding Disintegration, a new game from the minds of Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, have emerged. But it really doesn’t help anybody at this point since the Disintegration trailer was scant on details.

The game’s website has not revealed anything about the title’s plot or gameplay. The trailer itself hardly shows anything.

Without context, gamers have been trying to deconstruct the clip for any clue as to what they can expect from Disintegration. Some suggested that it’s some spaceship while others think that it’s a weapon.

If Lehto’s previous work is any indication, the game may have the same theme as Destiny and Halo. V1 Interactive already said that it’s going to be a shooter game. This is probably Halo with an expansive universe like Destiny. At this point, however, it’s just everybody’s guess.

Prior to the Disintegration trailer, the only clue about the game was this image, which shows a city in ruins. There seems to be no life except for what appeared to a rodent to the right of the image. The studio just said that it’s just a peek into a larger ecosystem that it is building for the game.

In a statement, Lehto said that the opportunity to produce Disintegration was “exhilarating.” He said they can’t wait until they officially unveil the game next month during the Gamescom. The Gamescom is set for Aug. 20, 2019, in Cologne, Germany.

In 2017, Lehto left Bungie to build his own independent studio, V1 Interactive. In a previous interview with Gamasutra, he said that it’s always been his dream to run his own studio. In fact, even before joining Bungie, he already thought of calling all the shots as the CEO of his own company.

However, he credited his time with Bungie for everything he learns about the industry. Lehto cited the difficulty of managing personnel, heading a complex project, and the importance of being a leader.

The good news is that somebody is already backing Disintegration, which means you can expect it to be on the shelves. Private Division has committed to publishing the game. The company is affiliated with Take-Two (Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption) that is dedicated to publishing independent games.

Perhaps more information and details about V1 Interactive’s new venture will come out ahead of the Gamescon.