Gunfire Reborn Is A New FPS Roguelite That Has Just Updated Adding New Monsters, Weapons, and Scrolls

Gunfire Reborn Is A New FPS Roguelite That Has Just Updated Adding New Monsters, Weapons, and Scrolls
Credit: Steam XO

Enter the unique cel-shaded universe of Gunfire Reborn as players blast their way through tons of enemies. This gun-toting cat-filled adventure has been on Steam‘s most popular games list and now is receiving a brand new update. This update is bringing new weapons, monsters, scrolls, and changes to the main-line levels in the game.

This game is an FPS Roguelite with RPG mechanics where players control heroes of varying abilities. Using randomly dropped weapons players conquer random levels in either a single paler or coop action-adventure.

Gunfire Reborn is full of weaponry with each weapon possessing random inscriptions and a variety of buffs. This new update is adding two new weapons into the game the Crimson Firescale and Glimmering. These will be added to the loot drops for the randomly-generated adventures.

The Crimson Firescale features a firebomb that recharges upon critical hits. The weapon can launch multiple fireballs simultaneously for the case of extra bombs. The Glimmering is similar but it attaches itself to enemies and then explodes after a short moment of time.

A boost got added to the occult scrolls. There is now a variety of buffs that will help players face tons of different enemies within the game.

Five new scrolls have been added to this title. Each one comes with a unique buff allowing players a chance to better face the dangers of this game. The Thunderscreen adds lightning damage to surrounding enemies, Coins of Life prevents fatal damage, and make other scrolls are sure to change combat and shake up the encounter.

Three new elite monsters are added meant to challenge even the most skilled guns in the land. The Elite Beetles are horned beetles who have absorbed evil energy and evolved. They are so large and their resilient shell reduces incoming attacks.

The second monster is the Yakasha which comes from the seas and will send wave after wave of lesser minions at players. Mix that with the Elite Arsonist and players will find themselves dodging poison rather than fire. Avoid the oncoming attacks and survive to be a prized gunslinger.

The update has also updated several levels and vaults. This game is still an early access title so be sure to allow it time to evolve before it settles into its final form.

Gunfire Reborn is available on Steam Early Access right now for interested fans to purchase and early look at this unique title.