Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy Update Is Teeming With New Content And Features

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shadow Legacy Update Is Teeming With New Content And Features
Credit: Ubisoft North America via YouTube

Despite the fact that Rainbow Six Siege has been out for five years now, it has continued to grab headlines in the news cycle time and time again. A huge reason for this is Ubisoft Montreal‘s decision to continue to support this online tactical shooter.

Every couple of months, it seems like new content and features are added. 2020 hasn’t been any different for the developer. The next major update is Operation Shadow Legacy. We know that with it, Sam Fisher is being added as a new operator.

The Splinter Cell star has grabbed a lot of the headlines leading up to the next patch, but that’s not all that’s included. There are actually a lot of meaningful updates and new features when Shadow Legacy releases on September 14, 2929.

For starters, the beloved map Chalet is being re-worked. It has always been a fan-favorite since launch, but compared to other maps, it was lacking in several departments. Ubisoft plans on addressing these issues as to give players optimal combat experiences.

Several areas were the focal point for this re-work, including the bedroom, bathroom, office, and some things in the basement and kitchen. There are thus new options for rotation and access points. If you’ve been a fan of this map, don’t worry. The most popular elements will still be the same so you don’t have to worry about such a huge transition.

A new ping system — being deemed Ping 2.0 — also is being introduced in this upcoming update. It allows players to use contextual pings while controlling cameras, drones, and their character. What’s also unique is even after players are eliminated, they can still ping to help teammates that are still in the match.

As far as new features, one of the most notable is the Map Ban. It gives players the chance to decide which maps they want to play on during unranked and ranked matches. The system is pretty straightforward. Before a match kicks off, players will be given the chance to select a map for ban.

The remaining map or maps will be selected at random. Thus, if you know your team doesn’t like a particular map, there will be a greater chance of avoiding it entirely. These are just some of the new things that will be available in Rainbow Six Siege starting in September. If you want the full list, just head on over to the game’s official website.