TheRealAlphaHydra Is Recreating Destiny 2 In Minecraft: Four Locations, 30+ Exotic Weapons And Even More!

TheRealAlphaHydra Is Recreating Destiny 2 In Minecraft: Four Locations, 30+ Exotic Weapons And Even More!
Credit: TheRealAlphaHydra Via Reddit

Minecraft‘s popularity has been increasing recently, rising from 126 million active monthly players to close to 132 million active monthly players. This increase has led to more inventive and amazing creations built, and these creations can range from creative Redstone contraptions to impressive buildings and sculptures that are very large and can take a substantial amount of time to complete.

Some of these creations are recreations from other games, including Call Of Duty’s Gulag and Destiny2’s Tower. Some servers even go as far as to recreate the game itself, in Minecraft, offering the players the ability to play a new type of game mode in Minecraft.

The Server has done precisely that, and they have been creating Destiny 2 in Minecraft. This isn’t just recreating the locations, of which they have recreated four locations. These four locations are not entire areas, but still, pretty big overall meaning while they may not be built entirely out but are still comfortably expansive enough to explore with ease.

The location Titan features all three buildings and the various blocks that players have used in the past as cover when in a high-energy firefight. This location features the broken down decay and broken down walls that are prevalent in each of these buildings.

This server also features over thirty different exotic weapons and armor to choose from, ranging from standard weapons to high-end weapons that are commonly sought after in Destiny 2. In addition to the guns that are widely gained and used in Destiny 2, this server also features the Rave Lighter.

The Rave Lighter is a reskin of the standard Minecraft sword, but by having this reskin available keeps the immersion that this version of Minecraft is substantially closer to Destiny 2.

These guns offer everything from the standard piston to a bow that looks significantly different when compared to the standard Minecraft bow. There are currently three pistols that are ready to be used with even more guns ready to be collected!

TheRealAlphaHydra states that this server works with either 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.16.1, or 1.16.2. He also said, “Please don’t overload the server, the more people that stay away from one another, the laggier the server becomes, so try to stick together!”

The Server IP is and offers the ability to pick between Warlock, Titan, or Hunter!