Fallout: New Vegas Has A New Mod That Adds A Plethora Of New Voice Actors

Fallout: New Vegas Has A New Mod That Adds A Plethora Of New Voice Actors
Credit: LucianHector via YouTube

Out of all of the Fallout games that have come out over the years, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most beloved. It has all of the elements you want out of a epic RPG, from an interesting story to in-depth progression systems.

Obsidian Entertainment nailed down what it would be like to visit Sin City during an apocalypse. With all the praises, there has been one glaring weakness that a lot of players can’t help but mention. That is the voice acting.

It’s not that the game’s voice actors are bad by any means. It’s just that only a select handful of voice actors were tasked with multiple characters. Thus, interacting with NPCs isn’t the most riveting experience because you’ve probably heard the voice before.

Well that’s all changing thanks to the Brave New World mod, which features voice acting from hundreds of voice actors. This is the first version of the mod, but it instantly makes Fallout: New Vegas more inviting from a character engagement standpoint.

What was sometimes a monotonous experience now will be vibrant. You’ll have a newfound appreciation for the interesting characters that are trying to survive the harsh deserts that New Vegas now finds itself surrounded by.

The multitude of voice actors on this project is quite impressive and just shows what passionate Fallout fans can do to improve an already great game. And even though there are plenty of new voice actors to get captivated by, some of the original voice acting work is still present.

That’s great news because there are a lot of decent examples in Fallout: New Vegas that didn’t need any sort of refining That’s not all Brave New World is adding to this popular Fallout installment either.

A visual remaster of the NPCs has also been added, which should make the characters line up perfectly with the new voice acting work. Looking at some examples, they look great. It’s incredible how much detail the creators of Brave New World put into this mod. They deserve a ton of praise.

Fallout: New Vegas is an amazing RPG that has so many fantastic elements. Now it’s even better, which can be considered the perfect RPG experience for a lot of gamers. If you haven’t played this iconic RPG in some time, this mod may get you back to the gloomy Vegas strip. Who knows what new character interactions you’ll be able to enjoy for hours?