Fallout: New Vegas Fan Prequel Fallout New California Has A New Beta Version From Radian-Helix Media

Fallout: New Vegas Fan Prequel Fallout New California Has A New Beta Version From Radian-Helix Media
Credit: RadianHelixMedia via Youtube

At this point in gaming history, Bethesda and Modders go hand in hand. Fans love to add their own custom features and additions to titles. Bethesda helps facilitate it with active ways to add mods to their games. Fallout New California is a fanmade prequel to the Bethesda title Fallout: New Vegas. A brand new beta version of New California has been released, bringing some minor changes to the fan build.

It is important to note that Fallout New California is a mod and requires a copy of Fallout: New Vegas to play. The file is available for free and is a massive 7.35GB, so make sure you have enough free disk space before installing it.

World map adjustments and new exploration content are the highlights of this version. The Fallout New California Beta 231 has re-compressed meshes and textures to help avoid random crashes and performance issues that were present with the previous versions.

A good amount of world map adjustments have been added along with new exploration content. The pack will improve the way things look outside the vault and add some new encounters for players to enjoy. Players can find new locations and notes scattered around the world and a bridge that will take you to New Vegas after you finish the New Califonia storyline.

Several other bugs have been fixed including the game’s subtitles. Version 231 adds collisions to v18 Lower Cistern, grenades have been removed from mutant load orders, and the infinite spawn issue of background actors during large events has been reduced.

Fallout New California has been localized to Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. The developers have shared that Brazilian Portuguese is underway in Discord for those who want to help port to more languages.

The announcement of the Fallout New California into its a big deal as 99% of large modes fail. The work that has gone into New California is a massive undertaking with dedicated fans love showing in its design.

You can find out more about this fan-built adventure on their official Discord or keep track of them on ModDB, Fallout Nexus, or Facebook. Radian-Helix Media also has a new Patreon along with other options to support their work.

If you are a fan of the original Fallout games, then this mod might interest you. There are many projects like it out in the world right now as fans create the content they miss from Bethesda’s original projects.