Building A Minecraft Pixel Pool May Just Be The Perfect Way To Cool Off This Summer!

Building A Minecraft Pixel Pool May Just Be The Perfect Way To Cool Off This Summer!
Credit: Mojang Studios

While during this quarantine, many are left without pools or an easy way to cool off this summer, Minecraft may just offer a little bit of that swimming experience! Since Minecraft has seen a substantial increase in Users, those new users can make a Pixel Pool for a fantastically designed pool, and These pixel pools follow the shape of items or mobs in Minecraft.

To create one of these fantastic pools, Minecraft players will need to pick the design, either being some sort of item, block, or mob. Players after looking through the items, mobs, and blocks will have to set on a specific item, mob, or block and look for either clay or Concrete that mimics the coloring to the design they chose.

Some designs that should inspire or give Minecraft players some ideas are like this watermelon pixel pool, which may not have a diving board but is still sure to cool players off from hot Minecraft heat. This Melon-inspired pixel pool is

One word of warning is that if players decide to use Concrete to create their pool, they should either check the coloring in the crafting menu of the Concrete block, as when the powder block gets switched to the solid Concrete block the color changes a bit.

The shift in color may cause some previously fantastic looking pools to look slightly different, and users should test the colors before building the pool itself.

Then they’ll need to outline that block in the ground where the pool will be, this gives the pool the general shape and shows the player how much ground they’ll need to dig out.

For the more advanced Minecraft builders, they could build some fantastic designs and offer some very complex pools to swim in during this summer.

One example of these complex pools is the Vaporeon Swimming pool, which was built by the DeviantArt User of jwwt4.

This fantastically large pool not only offers the cooling power from the water in Minecraft but also may offer the cooling power that the Pokemon Vaporeon is known for. That makes this pool a perfect addition to virtually any Minecraft world!

The only downside to this pool is the significant amount of both time, as in the time and planning this pool will take, and resources, which can be quite substantial when looking at the overall size of the pool itself. These pools may also work fantastically for Online Summer camps, like the camps that Connected Camps run.